Social media engagement is so much more than the amount of followers you have.

In the modern business world, online presence and strong social media engagement is a measure of success and is a strong sign that you are making a significant impact in the market.

Thankfully, it is not just a popularity contest – it is about making meaningful connections with current and future clients or customers, which will serve to increase the success of the brand both on and offline.

Social Media Engagement essentially comes down to the measurements of comments, likes, saves and shares online.

Although you want to increase your following on different social media platforms, it still comes down to quality over quantity. Success is measured based on how engaged your audience is, not just on how big the audience may be.

When someone decides to engage with your content, this allows a business or personal brand to get a better understanding of the content their audience likes and allows them to better connect with the audience and develop meaningful relationships.

For example, when someone shares or saves your content it is clear that they see the content as incredibly valuable as they are sharing it with their own audience or they are saving it for their own future use. Real estate agents may create a social media post such as ‘best low cost renovation tips prior to selling your home’ – this is the kind of content someone may save and come back to prior to selling their home as it is engaging and provides them with value.


Tips for Increasing Engagement with your Audience

  • Social Media Strategy – There is no one-size-fits-all solution for engaging with your audience, so it is important to have a social media strategy put in place as every business’ goals are going to be different.
  • Select your social media platforms wisely – Focus on the platforms that are preferred by your target demographic.
  • Your personality is your selling point/humanise your brand– you want people to get to know you through your online presence as people buy from people, your social media may be the difference between winning or missing out on a client, so focus on the art of storytelling to truly connect with your audience.
  • Video Content – Not only do videos stop the scroll, but they also get further reach and help you to stand out from your competitors. You could use video content to showcase available properties, create behind the scenes content, create neighbourhood selling points, and show expertise through tips for buyers and sellers. Ultimately, you want to utilise video content so that your clients can learn more about you.
  • Reply to all comments within a timely manner – It is important as this allows you to really connect with your audience and further develop relationships with them. For more detailed questions on comments, you can even direct message the individual based on the comment and really spark up a conversation.
  • Use a content calendar to plan out your content for each month – This will allow you to plan out the types of content you want to focus on such as value content, connection content and promotional content. Content ideas could include testimonials from happy clients, sharing industry news and trends, sneak peaks of what is to come, your inspirations, and behind the scenes content.

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