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You probably know by now that SEO means Search Engine Optimisation … and that means, ensuring your website and therefore, your brand can be found by the millions of people searching the internet daily.

Want a quick definition of SEO? Check out the Wikipedia page (here)

Some quick facts:

  • The internet is a crowded place. There are over 3.3 billion users DAILY.
  • A very high % of internet users search via a topic or keyword, then refine there search further to more specific words as they find what they need. The keywords become very specific and targeted
  • Whilst it is great to have a fantastic looking website,  no-one will go there unless you PROMOTE and MARKET your website – we can help you determine the best ways to do this and how to best spend your marketing dollars
  • SEO is no quick fix. You need a good solid strategy and a long term plan – best combined with a google advertising campaign
  • To get to page number 1, you need great SEO, good website content, Focused key word marketing and links with social media platforms

SOME REALLY INTERESTING STATISTICS …(they really are interesting)
MARCH 2016

  • There are over 1 BILLION websites on the net today
  • Around 3-4 million blog articles are written each day
  • There are around 1 MILLION google searches performed every 12 seconds
  • There are 1.6 BILLION facebook users worldwide
  • Around 40,000 websites will get hacked each day
  • Around 200 BILLION emails get sent every day
Check out Internet Live Stats here


By analysing your current website for FREE and providing you with some suggested areas for improvement (also for free). Plus, you’ll get a clear cost estimate from us detailing what’s required to achieve a better ranking and improve the content on your website (yup…free).

We can help you maximise the SEO on your current website, usually without much need for any major changes.  Most of the necessary tweaks can be done behind the scenes after a thorough check of your links, meta tags, keywords, content and more.

We can provide you with options for off- Site or off-Page SEO and advise you how to add good content to your website moving forward into the future.

For example, did you know that engaging videos are a great way to reduce bounce rates.

Link building strategies are also important as well as knowing if Google trusts you!

What Google looks for is websites that are trusted, secure, have good content, have changing content, have good external links and are linked to by other sites in the industry.

We can also assist in delivering serious and pre-qualified traffic to your website, no fake visitors bumping up the numbers. You can get some great free tips on-line – try somewhere like for some ideas and for a bit of light reading… (naaaah. just kidding. it’s very technical reading actually – but still interesting).

So if you want to know how an SEO/SEM strategy can work for your business then feel free to contact Evolution Integrated Marketing for more information. Your first consultation is FREE – and remember, we keep it real. or call 0412 424 778.

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