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not just a pretty face?

At the heart of every good website is a Content Management System (or CMS) and here at Evolution Marketing we simply love using WordPress. By applying its usability and information architecture components, we create easy-to-use websites and lay stunning designs on top.




Combined with its state of the art source code and regular security updates, our WordPress sites offer peace of mind when it comes to hackers, viruses, Trojans or spam mails.



So you get a safe website that’s easy to use and looks awesome too. YES IT’S TRUE, YOU REALLY DO!


Plus, you are not locked into one supplier (not trying to lose business here) but people change, circumstances change and WordPress gives you flexibility to call on many web specialists who can work with WordPress code.

Still looking for a bit more spice? We can help you with the following:

  • Convert your web visitors into prospects (lead generation)
  • Integrate your website with your social media platforms (this helps with SEO and web ranking) and allows your clients to browse the medium of their choice
  • Build a strong link network to give your website valuable back-links
  • Get to know more about your visitors so you can make informed decisions about your marketing
  • Write your own powerful and engaging website copy
  • Update and add content to your website yourself

Some more benefits of a WordPress Website

  • It is easy to set up and manage and update (you can do a lot of this in-house after we show you the ropes with some basic training)
  • WordPress has some great plug ins and widgets
  • WordPress is great if you want just a blog but can also give you a great website (plus blog)
  • There are thousands of stunning themes to choose from or you can create your own custom design (with our help)
  • Google really likes WordPress (just between us, we think there’s something going on there)
  • WordPress sites are mobile responsive and look good on all devices
  • You can choose where you want to host the website

For even more informaiton on why WordPress could be the perfect choice for your website, here’s the official list of features. Remember, WordPress is a non-profit community of developers that benefit directly by delivering the best possible web development platform in the market today, absolutely free!

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