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Don’t run on empty!

Websites, like cars, require service and maintenance. If you don’t look under the bonnet on a regular basis, you might run into trouble. The “seized engine” danger to websites comes in the form of hackers, viruses, Trojans, illegal content, spam and so much more. But its not just security threats that need regular attention. Hardware and software can fail, slow down or become incompatible with other elements of your site. Backup systems and updates to plugins, widgets and WordPress itself need to be fine-tuned and regularly managed.

To keep you err.. motoring along on the information super-highway, look to us for all your website security & maintenance needs.

We love to get our hands dirty! We keep it real.

Our ‘bumper to bumper’ security & maintenance program covers your website with these critical services:

Install and setup backup software for daily or weekly back-ups, storing files in the cloud* (recommended), on your web hosting server or even sent as a zip file via email (depending on end file size)
Full back-up of original site stored off-site so we can go back to square one should something go drastically wrong
• Regular updates to WordPress, themes and plug-ins
• Install and setup security software that monitors and sends alerts when files are changed, there are suspected hack attempts and more
• Protect your website from Spam comments and Spam emails
• Remove unused plug-ins & themes to close potential doorways to hackers
• Scan and delete Spam emails and comments

We also offer higher levels of security if required. This can be particularly important when your site is point of capture for your customers’ private information including credit card details or personal contact data. As the owner of your website, you have certain obligations to protect your customers from fraud and identity theft. Leaving it to chance is like never changing the oil in your car – eventually, something will go wrong.

Contact us today to discuss keeping your website safe and roadworthy.


Over time, your business changes, grows or sometimes shrinks. Consumers change. Even Google are changing the rules more frequently. To reflect the modern online world and keep your site up to date, sometimes you need more than a regular service. It may be time to book in for a major overhaul or complete re-build. It might even be better to just start from scratch with a brand new upgrade. Just like owning a vehicle, this is simply the way things are and a time will come when you will have to make the decision to make the most of what you have or get behind the wheel of a brand new website.

We can help you weigh up both sides and make an informed decision. Because we keep it real, you can be sure we will only make recommendations that best serve you and your business.

It may be the case that your site simply needs a higher octane fuel. We can also assist with on-going content development, SEO, SEM and further site enhancements such as increased site speed, more sophisticated contact management, more engaging rich content (animations, video, pop-ups etc), increased interactivity, better visuals and more.

Contact us today to determine which road to take.

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