Our Work

logos + branding

the backbone of your business

from simple logo projects to in-depth strategic brand development, we specialise in developing effective brands with meaning – brands that attract and keep customers. branding is one of our passions. we believe it forms the foundation of good business.

the nicest logo in the world does not always make a great brand

if you believe in the power of branding as much as we do, let us take a look beyond the logo and think about your brand on a strategic level. from all the media your brand will appear in to the people in your business. we consider the future, the history and of course, the here and now of your business landscape to develop a brand with powerful core messages to build upon and ensure the equity of your brand identity is supported, protected and leveraged at every opportunity.

one of the most important investments in your business

if required, we can create simple, fast-turnaround logos without the “extras” such as strategic development, positioning statements and multiple application development. in all cases, you will get a beautiful, functional logo that you can be proud of. our strategic background delivers several key advantages over those ‘five-buck-logo-shops’ – so if you are tempted to go down that path, please at least talk to us first (remember: your first is meeting is always free). we will give you the info you need to go in with your eyes wide open to the pitfalls of paying peanuts.

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