Google Advertising

Trying to boost traffic to your website? Well let’s Google it.

You have a great website but nothing much is happening… You Need visitors. Visitors who want to be there, are interested in your product or service and who will buy that product or service from you.

Our google adwords management service includes:

  • Keyword development and search term combinations – for YOUR business
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ad placement
  • Budget planning and management
  • Reporting, click management and conversion tracking
  • Increase your conversions, web traffic and sales

Google Adwords campaigns can be a great starting point for small to medium enterprise as you can tailor your budgets to a daily amount you can manage. You can also target leads globally or as close by as you want which is great is you have a local service area.  Your ads can be put on hold, your budget increased or decreased and the ads can be modified easily so again, a very flexible form of advertising. If you are taking a holiday, pop the ads on hold and start them up again when you return.

Text ads versus Banner ads.

Whether you run text ads or banners ads or a combination of both will depend on the objective of your campaign. Banner ads are great for branding and often get more clicks. Text ads are often better for conversion but again, this can change across industries.

SEARCH NETWORK: In a search network you can only run text ads. These target google searches only (or google search partners)

DISPLAY NETWORK: These ads target display networks (like other websites) picture e-bay or gumtree.  You can run both text and banner ads in a display network.

Want some more information:  Check out this article from osDocs

What Happens With Your New Leads?
Once the leads are coming through to your website (or phone) we can then assist with looking at how those leads are managed, stored and communicated to into the future.

There is no use us generating lots of leads to your business if people then get lost on your website, or there is no call to action or they can’t find what they are looking for.  It is important that review all components of your website and content to ensure your leads have the best chance to get converted.

Google Analytics

it is important to link your adwords campaign to your Google Analytics as this allows for more insights into the campaigns and user information once they are on your website.  We can help set this up for you and monitor activity.

The best thing to do is have a chat with us about your options and get a quote on a google adwords campaign that is right for your business.

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