Instagram Facts… Did you know?


  • Stanford Grads Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010
  • Facebook bought Instagram 2 years later for $1billion in cash and stock
  • Instagram now has more than 400 million users
  • The celebrity with the most selfies is Kylie Jenner with 451
  • The celebrity with the most followers is Justin Bieber
  • Nike is the most followed Brand
  • Victoria’s Secret is the most followed Retailer
  • 83% of all posts contain Hashtags
  • 70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day
  • 68% of Instagram users are women
Flatlay courtesy Flipstyle Studio

Flatlay courtesy Flipstyle Studio

Here is how to make instagram work for your business.

Create inspiring and engaging images with filters and other creative tools in the Instagram app. LAYOUT, launched in March 2015, allows you to combine multiple photos or images into a single image.

Choose the right ingredients…
Make it easy for people to find and follow you by choosing an account name that ties easily to your business. You have just a few words to tell everyone about yourself in your bio so make it work. Consider a professional copywriter… yes, seriously!

Follow your own recipe…
Instagram is a community built on the power of visual story-telling. Showcase your brand’s unique identity through easily identifiable and connective elements such as colour palettes, photographic styles, filters etc. Find out more about getting the right mix of images below.

The icing on the cake…
Create inspiring and engaging images with filters and other creative tools in the Instagram app. LAYOUT, launched in March 2015, allows you to combine multiple photos or images into a single image.

Get LAYOUT from Instagram here:

There are a range of apps you can use on your phone to help you spice up your photos.. try these from the app sore. Word dream, Pic Collage as a starting point, or find our blog article on this topic.

Leave a trail of sweet crumbs…
Hashtags make your content searchable so it’s important to have a well-thought out hashtag strategy. Keep the hashtags relevant, industry-related, with your audience in mind and keep them under 10. You can use up to 30 – any more and your post will be rejected (we don’t recommend using that many).

Hashtags are used to put your content into a searchable category. They are well used across many platforms now not just twitter. They have spread to facebook, instagram, google + and are still spreading.

Quick link to the meaning of hashtags

Follow similar Brands
Find companies and brands in your industry who are using Instagram. Follow them. Watch what they do. See how they engage. See what works and what doesn’t. Learn from them. You can even tag them and talk to them using hashtags – #howcoolisthat.

Follow your Followers… sometimes
If you have dedicated, raving fans, then it’s worth following them back, especially if they post content that is relevant and ties closely with your brand.

Get savvy with your flatlays – (it’s not what you think)

The aim of a flatlay is to capture a range of items with a chosen theme and message from above. Not as easy as it sounds. It can take hours to create a single flatlay. They should be carefully constructed, stylish, tell a story, provide visual appeal, have great lighting, colour coordinated, preferably shot in a square (or cropped) need I go on. It’s a tough gig and we have found some local experts who can help with your flatlay shoots.

Check out Teniele Arnold Photography – (Creator of Flip Style Studio) | Instagram: @Flipstylestudio | Instagram: @tenielearnoldphotography_perth

Website Shop: (Flip Style Studio Kits available for purchase here)

We love… Flip Style Studio is a mini tool kit for Bloggers/small business or even photographers. Complete with High quality double sided backdrops, planners & a mini photography tutorial to take your flat lay or mini studio images to the next level. (Cover photos are courtesy of Teniele Arnold Photography)

We also found this great video on food styling, Thanks Perth Girlbosses. This just might make you hungry. Watch the video here

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