Five Ways To Effectively Generate Leads Using Blogs

Ultimately, all marketing focuses on generating leads and, set up correctly, blogs can prove to be a powerful lead magnet too. So how exactly do you get started.

Firstly, for a quick overview of what lead generation means, click here Then read our 5 top tips on using a blog to effectively capture audience information and generate potential leads.

  1. Be a Good Information source
    Design a weekly or monthly newsletter containing top tips and/or tutorials then ask your audience to sign-up. Or provide information on your product and ‘what’s in it for them’ with appealing visuals
  2. Offer Exclusive Benefits
    If your business offers any kind of online shopping or consulting services etc, you might consider additional benefits such as free shipping or exclusive discounts to encourage visitors to join your mailing list. A free consult or e-book is also something you could offer.
  3. Offer Free Trials
    Offer a 30-day free trial (or similar) of your product or service, by completing an online form.
  4. Create Customer Surveys or Quizzes
    Create engaging incentives that encourage visitors to sign up to your blog or newsletter.
  5. Provide Online Catalogues
    A great way to learn more about your audience and invite them to share information about themselves, is to ask people to fill out a form in order to download your catalogues or sales materials.

Use a Sign up form to capture data

A sign up form is vital as once you get people to your blog, you want them to keep coming back! Browsing is one thing but being able to communicate with them when they have moved on is another.

Mailchimp or Aweber have simple to use and integrate data capture forms with pop ups and social integration.

There are many ways you can generate leads using your blog and plenty of on-line research on this topic.

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