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Social Media Marketing is a way of getting traffic to your website via marketing activities in social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms. Social media marketing (SMM) utilizes these social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden their customer reach.
There are many smaller businesses who purely use social media platforms to promote and market their businesses. You don’t always need a website but for the majority of SME’s (small to medium enterprise) and of course the big globals – it is crucial to have a well designed website.

Currently the most powerful social media platform is Facebook, followed by Linkedin, Twitter and Blogging..


(as at Jan 2016 – Australia)

  • Facebook – There are currently 14,000,000 users
  • Youtube – 13,900,000 – unique visitors each month
  • WordPress – 5,740,000 wordpress sites in Australia
  • Instagram – 5,000,000 monthly users
  • Tumblr – 4,250,000 users
  • Linkedin – 3,700,000 registered profiles
  • Twitter – 2,800,000 active users

Need more proof about Social Media and the real benefits to your business?

  • Did you know that on average each facebook user spends 20 minutes per day browsing facebook
  • Social Media is the MOST POPULAR online activity
  • 85% of consumers will make a purchase decision based on word of mouth from Social Media

You can see more great stats like this here at
Or download the latest Sensis report here (it is 65 pages but covers everything)



  • Drive traffic to your website & increase sales
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Increase your website ranking and position on google and other search engines
  • Showcase your product and service offering 7 days a week
  • Your content can be shared via a person (electronic word of mouth) as opposed to via the company itself if it resonates with them, therefore appearing to be more trusted – this is the best from of free advertising (however you usually need to pay to get that content out to those people in the first instance)
  • It is an easy way to learn about your customers – what they do and don’t want
  • It is a great way to target particular demographics eg men aged between 24-34 living in Bondi (and surrounds)
  • It is a great tool to expand your audience and grow your business
  • It allows instant feedback – whilst this can sometimes be negative, it gives you an option to respond and set the record straight. Or admit you made a mistake..
  • Remarketing is a great way to further engage customers and create brand awareness via facebook remarketing


  • You can waste hours of time and effort and money if you do not have a clear strategy in place first!
  • Choose one or two platforms and focus your efforts on them – you cant be across everything
  • There is no quick fix in social media – you need to be consistent and stick to your plan
  • Don’t just follow everyone else and regurgitate the same old content – whilst it can be good content in some cases, you need to have your own unique content
  • Don’t just sell sell sell in social media. Provide useful information, be the expert in your field, engage with your customers, be likeable.
  • Be wary of outsourcing your social media role to someone overseas – do they really know your customers, your market and you?
  • Make sure you respond to enquiry in social media


  • We can advise and assist you with setting up your business across any Social Media Platform
  • We can help you develop your content strategies
  • We can create, launch and manage your advertising campaigns
  • We can track and advise on Cost per click rates and traffic and give you a profitable ROI
  • We can offer multi dimensional strategies to link across social platforms along with your website
  • We can set up landing pages, run third party competitions, build data capture forms
  • We can design banners and graphics and so much more

We can do as much or as little as you need

…from a comprehensive package that handles your daily social media content, advertising & management to basic setup then handing over the reins to you.

So if you want to know how Social Media Marketing can really work for your business, contact Evolution Integrated Marketing for more information. Your first consultation is FREE. or you can call 08 9307 1579.

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